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上班地點: 嘉義縣大林鎮園區三路27號  (嘉義大埔美智慧型工業園區)
職務類別: 機械工程師、機構工程師 全職
需求人數: 1 人



o Provide input and feedback on design and spec of Raceface machinery which requires working knowledge of Ladder Logic, Hydraulics, Proximity Sensors, Load Cells, Vision Sensors and Position Sensors
o Working knowledge of Lean 6-Sigma methods to improve manufacturability, quality and/or reduce cost
o Apply DMAIC problem solving techniques to address root cause of issues
o Improve labor productivity through flow enhancements, value stream analysis and bottleneck reduction
o Reduce WIP generated scrap through process improvements, training and tooling
o Develop error proof manufacturing solutions, or “Poka Yoke”, to consistently guarantee quality
o Root cause investigation/resolution for variance and quality issues; initiate opportunities for data collection from the assembly line for continuous improvement.
o Identify assembly/design issues to generate potential cost savings and implement standardization opportunities
o Strong analytical skills in assemblies, work flow, scrap reduction, fixturing and assembly jigs
o Ability to manage time effectively to achieve defined goals under a set of deadlines
o Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with the engineering group, supplier development group, QC, purchasing, inventory management, and the general manager
o Strong work ethic with a commitment to get things done


o Identify and implement opportunities to improve manufacturing environment and capability
-Augment standard work instructions and advise on process as necessary
-Create visual aids, production aids, jigs and fixtures for production and quality as relates to manufacturing
-Investigate and arrange manufacturing equipment and tooling procurement, work with tooling vendors to see through the building of tooling
-Document justification for purchase/ROI analysis of tooling or aids
-Identify training needs for manufacturing related to assembly process, arrange or conduct training as appropriate

o Provide engineering support to Manufacturing, Design Engineering, Purchasing, QC and Management
-Identify, research, implement solutions to issues related to assembly/manufacturing, engineering documentation and quality on new product and product released to production
-Lead Taiwan manufacturing engineering team and work closely with Global Team to implement solutions
-Lead cross function review meeting on process standardize, create new product Process layout to meet design intent.
-Identify, evaluate and implement design changes to improve manufacturability, improve quality, reduce costs and reduce material variances
-Complete any associated drawing mark-ups/revisions and ensure any required BOM revisions are completed with design team
-Problem investigation and resolution of field reports, service and warranty, and supplier issues
-Create, approve, and coordinate any temporary deviations required
-Attend/facilitate meetings with manufacturing and purchasing to ensure communication and review issues/opportunities
-Provide feedback to Design Engineering group to ensure incorporation into new designs

o Cost Reduction and Standardization
-Identify, evaluate and implement changes to assembly process to reduce material and labor costs
-Identify standardization opportunities relating to assembly, work flow and tooling

o Provide input on new designs
-As new designs are released, provide feedback to the design group as to the manufacturability of design and capability of assembly line to produce design

o Perform other duties as assigned
-May be requested to support other tasks within organization to support business activities.

工作待遇: 待遇面議 (經常性薪資達4萬元或以上) 薪資行情

















1. 員工新進到職即可享有特休
2. 依績效提供年終獎金
3. 重視員工培訓發展,補貼員工參加英文課程費用。
4. 員工及眷屬更周延的保險
5.福委會社團, 如: 單車社、卡丁車社、羽球社、瑜珈社等
6.提供 FOX 產品員工團購優惠 (www.ridefox.com)
7. 婚喪喜慶補助
8. 員工國內外旅遊及家庭日活動
9. 免費供午/晚餐與咖啡
10. 好「孕」同仁自懷孕期間到生產後一年內,提供免費牛乳
11. 每年全額補助免費施打流感疫苗,營造健康工作環境
12. 工業風辦公環境,空間明亮!
13. 與顧問公司合作員工協助方案,提供員工與眷屬多元諮詢服務(法律/理財/職涯發展/親子關係)
14. 員工因重大傷病而住院者,住院期間提供全薪病假30天,視情節可申請危難救助補助金。


出差外派: 需出差,一年累積時間約三個月以下
上班時段: 日班
休假制度: 週休二日
管理責任: 不需負擔管理責任


接受身份: 上班族
可上班日: 一個月內
工作經歷: 3年以上
學歷要求: 大學以上
科系要求: 機械工程相關、航太工程相關、河海或船舶工程相關
語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通
擅長工具: Pro/E
工作技能: 協助改善產品良率建立標準生產流程提出生產標準改良方案試產/量產時的產品異常分析改善繪製2D/3D模具設計圖
o Relevant Experience – 5+ years’ experience in an ME role of an assembly factory; 3+ Years Machine Design Experience Required. Must be able to provide examples of novel design solutions.
o Previous experience in fluid dynamics or precision mechanical systems is an asset
o Strong assembly line engineering skills required, including demonstrated capability in: designing fixturing and tooling, designing machines, implementing process controls, creating FMEAs, driving efficiency in processing work orders, and troubleshooting assembly issues
o Communication and Language skills – Organized, concise communication skills in both English and Mandarin Chinese; must have the ability to give, receive, and analyze information, formulate work plans, prepare written materials, and articulate goals and action plans
o Education – BS Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering or equivalent experience
o Ability to use and manipulate modeling software, i.e. ProE or Solidworks
o Travel – Must be able to travel to the USA.
o Location – Candidate should be based in Chiayi area.
o Essential Mental Functions – Must be able to understand and give instructions and react favorably in all work situations; must be mentally adaptable and flexible in dealing with a variety of people; must be able to communicate in a professional manner; emotional stability and personal maturity are important attributes in this position
o Mindset – This position requires dedication to expediting technical communications while maintaining accurate documentation and procedures.


聯絡人: HR


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