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上班地點: 台中市南屯區
職務類別: 材料研發人員、實驗化驗人員、研究助理 兼職
工作性質: 長期工讀、短期工讀
需求人數: 1 人


“Cooks the materials and finds out the secret recipe of every cool bike.”

Do you enjoy new challenges? Are you excited to learn from the most talented engineers in the industry and develop your expertise? Specialized is looking for a part time/ full time material lab intern. In this internship, you will have a great opportunity to apply your material knowledge on real products and prepare for your future career.
您腦中常常有好點子,迫不及待挽起袖子來實踐,而且總是挑戰自己跨出舒適圈嗎? 您期待與打造這些酷炫單車的各方好手一起工作嗎? Specialized閃電牌單車,在單車車友間是討論度極高的夢幻逸品。現在,Specialized開放了一個材料實驗室的實習機會,給材料專業的學生。您將有機會在充滿創新氣息環境下,活用課本中的知識,甚至結合在學校的研究,來解決業界第一現場遇到的實務問題。這將是您將材料知識轉變為真實世界產品的一個絕佳機會,更是在職涯上超前部屬,提前探索自己的職涯路線的一步好棋!歡迎至Specialized Taiwan的官網了解更多關於我們的故事: https://specialized.com.tw/zh-tw/pages/about-us

• Engage in material projects such as heat-treatment, surface treatment, welding, and mechanical property tests. 參與材料專案,包含熱處理、表面處理、銲接、以及材料機械性能測試
• Engage in solving material quality issues and learn from hands-on failure analysis. 參與材料品質異常解題,並實作材料破損分析
• Apply the materials principles and hands-on skills of material analysis to engaging the material projects. 應用材料科學學理以及實驗技能,以參與材料專案
• Search and find information/literature for mini projects assigned. 因應專案解題需求,蒐集資料,包含技術資訊、學術論文、工業規範。
• Conduct assigned mini projects and make presentation to communicate the findings. 執行被交付之小型專案,並對團隊做簡報以呈現結果
• Go to the domestic production sites with your mentor for project purpose. 因應專案需求,與饅頭(mentor)一同拜訪國內協力廠商,訪視生產現場

• 3rd year or 4th year undergraduate student or graduate school student in Material Science and Mechanical Engineering filed; Metallic material/process major is strongly preferred. Mechanical Engineering major will also be considered. 大三、大四材料系/機械系學生,或者材料所/機械所學生。金屬材料/製程主修佳。
• Proactive and dare to face new challenges. 主動積極,勇於挑戰
• Good collaboration and teamwork abilities 良好的團隊合作能力
• The candidate has flexible work time options. Working at the office for 16~40 hours per week is required. The candidate should propose his/her expected working time per week when invited for interview. 實習生可在面試時與我們討論每周工作時段,期望工時為每周16至40小時。
• Good written and verbal communication skills in both Chinese and English. 良好的中英文能力,包含書寫與口語溝通。
• Hands-on experience in either material process, material testing, or material characterization is strongly preferred. 擁有以下相關實作經驗的人選為佳:材料製程(如熔煉、滾軋、熱處理)、材料測試(如拉伸、疲勞、殘留硬力)、或材料分析(如金相製備、元素分析、電子顯微鏡、熱分析)等
• Knowledge of mechanical manufacturing technologies or any hands-on experience is a plus. 具備機械製造概念或者有過相關經驗者為佳。
• Please prepare reference materials, presentations or anything that can demonstrate your potential for on-site interview. 受邀請面試者,請準備相關文件、簡報或者任何能展示您的潛力的材料。

What you can expect 實習計畫給您的優勢
• You can work for a world-leading and innovative bicycle brand. You will be ahead of most of your schoolmates and understand your passion better. 您將在一間世界領先的高端單車品牌實習。超前部屬,取得領先其他同儕的職場體驗,並深入了解自己的職場性向。
• Those who shows passion and potential during the internship will be highly considered in future recruitment of full-time employee. 實習期間表現優異者,畢業後申請正式職缺優先錄取。
• Working in a friendly and inclusive environment that respects individual differences. 您將有機會了解美商職場文化,在一個人性化、友善、尊重個人差異的工作場所實習。
• Having the opportunity to work with people of various expertise, including design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, quality, and purchasing. 您將有機會與跨部門不同專業前輩們一同工作,包含機構設計、工程研發、製造技術、產品測試、品質管理、以及採購部門等。您將有機會向他們請益。
• A mentor will work with you. You will learn about material failure analysis and the industrial knowledge. 將會有饅頭(mentor)手把手帶領,傳授您材料破損分析以及業界知識。

查看我們台中Innovation Center的工作環境: https://www.xinmedia.com/article/151081

工作待遇: 月薪 26,000元以上 薪資行情


* Fun, active environment – ride bikes at lunch!
* 到職即享有年休假
* 意外團保、醫療團保
* 員工定期健康檢查
* 婚、喪、喜慶補助、生育津貼
* 員工購物優惠
* 服務週年紀念禮物
* 福委會社團, 不定期聚會活動


上班時段: 日班,08:30~18:00
休假制度: 依公司規定


接受身份: 學生實習
可上班日: 一個月內
工作經歷: 不拘
學歷要求: 大學、碩士
科系要求: 材料工程相關、機械工程相關
語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等
擅長工具: ExcelOutlook
工作技能: 協助改善產品良率實驗室設備操作材料評估測試產品材料分析
Please submit your application with an English resume.
Please prepare reference materials, presentations or anything that can support your background if you are invited for an on-site interview.


聯絡人: HR


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