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上班地點: 台北市南港區
職務類別: 銀行辦事員 全職
需求人數: 1 人


If you're looking for a career that will help you to stand out, join HSBC and fulfill your potential. 如果您正在尋找能讓你更加突出的事業,加入滙豐,發揮您的潛能,讓您更加耀眼。

HSBC作為全球最大金融服務機構之一,我們不僅提供多樣化的金融商品服務,也提供跨國多元之職涯發展機會。不論您現在正在尋找工作機會、或者渴望未來轉換職涯跑道,我們誠摯歡迎對金融產業有熱情、有抱負的您加入HSBC Taiwan Talent Community,接收HSBC第一手職缺及職涯相關消息!

請立即複製以下連結,註冊加入HSBC Taiwan Talent Community!

Digital Business Services is a pivotal part of the Group, providing essential operational and technical support to our global businesses and helping improve customer service and efficiency. Digital Business Services combines global expertise and technology to help keep us ahead of the competition.

- People responsibility: Y
- Report to : SVP WPB Operations
- Job Content :
● By ongoing review of operations and regular discussion with the business on how to achieve or improve customer service.
● By delivering agreed SLAs with LOB trust items and promptly reply LOB query arisen from the services issues. Correct the error with root cause analysis along with effective action plans.
● By maintaining good communication with customers, providing professional consulting to customer queries and promptly responding to customer.
● Constantly review operational processes and where possible improve them, either via process re-engineering or introduction of automation.
● By understanding objectives and sets priorities and coordinating with staff and colleagues of other departments/branches, and customers to get project done efficiently and effectively.
● Implement operations career map, and introduce a program of cross-training and job rotation.
● Ensuring the team is working in a good condition and engages in all activities across the Bank and Operations/ DBS. The teams can engage any Snapshot activities and with acceptable score.
● By performing the effective use of the GPM system to identify staffs strengths and weaknesses and improves their knowledge and skills with suitable coaching and training.
● Ensure any ORC review or Internal/External Audit Report is at least satisfactory.
● By managing and maximizing the utilization of resources of the teams to well control operational expenses and by reviewing workflow and seeking STP efficiency to ensure Wealth Business Services operates within the budget.
● Ensure that we adequately identify, assess, monitor and control operational risk.

工作待遇: 待遇面議 (經常性薪資達4萬元或以上) 薪資行情


■ 兼具市場競爭性及內部公平性的薪酬制度 滙豐提供具市場競爭性及內部公平性的薪酬,以 吸引、激勵及保留優秀的人才。除了固定薪資外,透過績效獎金制度與員工分享公司營運成果;我們根據員工個人的績效表現與價值觀行為展現決定績效獎金發放的金額,反映滙豐銀行以價值觀為導向的高績效文化。

■ 充滿關懷的福利措施 針對每位同仁及其家庭的身心健康是我們的財富,因此我們以員工需 求出發,規劃了一系列的福利措施:
- 完善的團體保險計劃,部份險種並涵蓋至配偶、子 女及父母
- 免費且彈性的定期健康檢查
- 優於勞基法的年假制度
- 領先業界的產假與收養假
- 滿足個人需求的彈性工作方案
- 業界首創的多元同居伴侶無差異化福利制度
- 員工金融理財交易手續費減免優惠
- 員工協助方案
- 員工認股計劃
- 服務年資表揚
- 職工福利
- 退休金制度
- 托兒優惠
- 哺乳室


出差外派: 無需出差外派
上班時段: 日班
休假制度: 週休二日
管理責任: 管理4人以下


接受身份: 上班族、二度就業
可上班日: 不限
工作經歷: 5年以上
學歷要求: 大學、碩士
語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通
● University or above.
● 5-10 years working experience in banking trust related.
● Internal Control License.
● TA license-Trust level 3.
● Unit Trust and Investment Regulation.
● Outsourcing/Insourcing regulation.
● Anti-Money Laundry Law.
● Wealth management knowledge.
● Trust taxation knowledge.


聯絡人: 人力資源處
E-mail: hrt@hsbc.com.tw
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